Customer Billing & Invoice Management System

Micro Book Pro is a new generation user-friendly inventory and accounting software, which can be used and installed without any prior knowledge. It comes in a multi user version at a very cost-effective price, targeting all kinds of business. e.g. Computer dealers,  Supermarket, Textile shops, Showrooms, Hardware Shops, Electrical shops, Stationary shops, General Trading, etc. With its easy report generation and information friendly menus it will help you to boost your business with its good success rate in the market and users rating it as a user friendly and better product than other leading software’s available in the market, we decided to have different versions of the same to target different levels of business.


Since we have designed the product module with a modern concept, the shop owner can categorize their product according to category and attributes like any e-commerce platform. So as the company grows the customer can upgrade their system to any ERP. Any supermarket can use our product structure database directly for their e-commerce platform when they want to launch. Any shop can integrate e-commerce site with this billing software, which enables them to manage online and offline billing on a single platform.

We design inventory modules for online and offline shops. So the shop can easily handle their online and offline inventory. The most challenging part was the synchronization of the online and online we solved it with a live sync option. That way, the shop can allocate the stock it has to sell online and offline. So if the stock can be easily delivered to the desired place without a stock collision with a single click.

The shop can add their vendor list along with the contact details. So the shop can place a purchase request and purchase orders for the vendor. The system will keep a track of all transaction histories so that the shop can analyse the pre-order details with that vendor or compare the price variation with two different vendors. This data can be used to fully analyse the shop to identify the best vendor and changes in the market demand of any particular product.

  • Ease of use
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster billing
  • Send out invoices immediately
  • Better invoice tracking
  • Faster Payments
  • Saves you time and money

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