Business Solutions You really need quality business solutions! We build and transform business solutions by making ERP, Web applications,
Mobile Applications, and experiences that fuel their growth.
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Nothing short of excellence

A band of energetic and dedicated professionals working for different entities decided to pool their resources driven by the passion for excellence for their chosen field.

They rechristened their enterprise as lo technology and punched into their new venture with verb and vigour never loosing track off their ultimate aim. Their single-minded devotion and innovative mind set brought in their wake products of remarkable quality. Their solutions one unstinted appreciation and approval creating a niche for them in the highly competitive fear. Their initial successes goaded on them to still greater highest of excellence. The have made a mark, an indelible one, winning the approbation of many star players in this field. A time has come when Lo technology has become a synonym for top notch solutions for the ever-widening horizon of the it sectors they march ahead with one aim one purpose and one desire- the very best solution in myriad feelings of the industry. Lo technology is there for every solution in every field.


We're fortunate to work with fantastic clients

We ensure perfect quality products. LO business solutions help customers implement best-in-class solutions for operational excellence. We provide Business Solutions, Tracking Solutions, Booking Solutions, etc.

Business Intelligent eXcellent Software Solution

BIXSS automates and integrates core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations and keeping inventory records and financial data…

The next Generation School Management & Tracking

LO School Management System(LOSMAT) is the most complete and versatile school management system that manages complete school system…

eAssets helps you to manage and Track your Assets & Equipment

eAssets helps to carry out and follow without worry the servicing / maintenance, calibration, and rectification of equipment complaints in all the buildings under the management.


All Digital Innovations under one umbrella

LO Technology provides technical innovation; your idea becomes a brand and a selling point. We are a company who will transform your idea channeling it in today’s powerful technological application and devices. Partner with us as we advance your brand and business into the global marketplace.

Software Development

We provide outsourced professional application development and custom software development services.

Web Application Development

Web applications typically help in providing access to a set of business processes through the browser based front end.

Website Development

Our focus is entirely on delivering the software solution, of course we work together with our experienced in-house designers.

Mobile Application Development

We have been one of the realms of Android application development and has one of best Android app development teams.

UI / UX & Graphic Design

We have the resource and skills to serve you. Our strong point being the provider of an elegant graphic design.

SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO might target distinctive sorts of hunt, incorporating representation seek, nearby pursuit, film seek, scholarly search.


Software Development, Web Design and Development & Mobile App Development

We associate with some of our best customers and brands. Here are some real life experince of how companies associates with us day to day.

Whatever your business is, there is a possibility we have already developed a project for someone like you.

Over the years, we have earned the distinction of working with innovative brands. Here are few brands that employed us as a part of their journey…

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Let’s work & build
something great together.